A Complete Katfile.com Premium Account Review

By | May 19, 2019

Katfile.com is a globally renowned cloud storage service provider that offers virtual storage space for users to keep different types of files such as documents, images and videos. Moreover, users can also download the files via specific generated links. The registration processes is quite simple, you just need clink on the “Register” button at the top of the home page then enter your email address, first name and the last name on the page that is provided. To complete the registration process, you just need to open the link that is send to your email and you will be done.

Katfile.com Account Types

Although you can visit this platform as a guest user and enjoy a few benefits such as 100 KB/s download speed and the ability to download one file after every 180 minutes, there are basically two main Katfile.com accounts; the Free and Premium account. Under the free account, you will gain access to 1 TB of backup space for up to six months. You will also have a 30-second waiting time before you can start downloading your files. Moreover, there is also the captcha when logging in and advertisements are normally displayed to free account user, which may be annoying at times.

Unfortunately as a free account holder, you will only access a maximum download speed of 100 KB/s and you cannot carry out parallel downloads. This can be quite limiting if you have numerous large files to download. Some of the features you can access under this account include; direct download, remote upload, import, FTP upload and parallel uploads. To add to your convenience, you will also gain access to the file/folder management option, which allows you to search, sort, move, rename, copy or delate your files.

Although it has certain benefits, the free account has quite a number of limitations that can make your operation difficult especially if you have various files to upload or download. For instance, the limited space and speed will only allow you to handle a few files at a time. To overcome all these limitation, you can simply upgrade to the premium account which has more features.

Key Features of the Katfile.com Premium Account

As a premium member, some of the benefits you will enjoy include; the 1 TB  backup space, which allows you to upload larger files on the platform. In addition, you will also be able to increase your backup space or extend it for more time. The good thing is that there will be no waiting time before you can start downloading. Moreover, you will not encounter any captcha or the annoying advertisements that appear on the pages under the free account.

As a Katfile premium member, you will have access to the full download speed, which is quite critical if you are dealing with larger files. Furthermore, there are no download limits under this account and you can download different files simultaneously. Other features you can access under this account include; traffic quota and the hybrid-traffic quota option, which can be extended. In addition, you will enjoy the direct upload, remote upload, parallel uploads, import, and FTP upload options.

With the maximum upload limit of 20 GB per each uploaded file, you can upload larger files to the platform. You will also enjoy the file/folder management options, which allow you to search, sort, move, rename, copy or even delete a file. Furthermore, with premium access, you will have access to the UDrive, a desktop application that allows you to move a file and save it in a private cloud on your PC or Mac. Note that such files cannot be accessed by anyone else but you. You will also get loyalty points which you can use to extend the premium time.

Katfile.com Premium Account Plans

The premium membership plans on this platform include:

  1. The One-Month Plan: Under the 1-month plan, you only need 15.99 USD in order to gain premium access for this period.
  2. The Three Months Plan: Here a member is required to pay 44.99 USD in order to enjoy the premium benefits for up to three months.
  3. The One -Year Plan: Under this plan, you will pay 99.99 USD and gain premium access for a one year period.
  4. The Life Time Plan: At 199.99 USD, you can enjoy premium membership for up to Life Time under this plan.


The main advantage with this platform is that you can pay for the premium membership plan of your choice using a variety of payment of options. They include; Credit Card, AlertPay, the PaySafe Card, EPS Payment, Klarna, CCPayment, Call2Pay, and Bank wire payment. Moreover, the payment is normally done on an encrypted and secure platform, which ensures that your personal information is never leaked out. If you need the best cloud storage platform to store your file, Katfile.com will be the best.

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